Jack Johnston
Graphic Designer &
Visual Communicator
London, England –
Bristol, England
(+44) 7949 015291
2015 – 2018
B.A. [Hons]
Bath Spa University
School of Art & Design

2011 – 2013
A Level [GCE]
Brockenhurst College
I am a multidisciplinary graphic communicator based in London. Recently graduated from Bath Spa School of Art and Design (BA Hons). My work revolves around exploring design through typography, art direction, editorial, web and identity design.

I am looking to continue and add to these skills in a team that challenges and compliments my practice. I am captivated by all aspects of design and communication. I have investigated through my last year of University the relationship typography has to print and screen, including bringing that relationship into a commercial environment. This coincides with an interest in the unfamiliar. It is this interest in the unfamiliar that I want to continue, whether it takes the form of a graphic design discipline or a thought process.

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